Vigan: The Historic Maccas

The first time I took the fiancé (yes! we got engaged late last year) back home in the Philippines, I chose destinations that I’ve never been to myself. We kicked things off by travelling up North. In my previous post, From Manila to Vigan: Travelling Back in Time, I shared where we stayed and where we had our first dinner up North.

Since I freak out over silly things like old heritage buildings having ghosts – we chose the newest hotel in town and had bagnet (local delicacy) the first chance we get. He’s not really into Filipino food but he has to put up with it 😛


Our friends were staying at a rather more legit “Vigan” hotel – it looks scary at night! We picked them up first thing in the morning to begin our adventures for the day.


We walked around for a bit looking for the best Vigan empanada – another local delicacy. If you are familiar with Filipino food then you might know what an empanda is. In fact, a good friend of mine started selling them in Sydney. I have yet to check them out as I’ve been travelling a lot lately but check them out and let me know how you go – Pasalubongs.



A Vigan emapanda is slightly different from the rest of the Philippines, they’re orange and 100% more delicious! We found our way in some local eatery and tried some authentic Vigan empanada right in the heart of the city. The fiancé wasn’t keen to try them because they use PVC pipe as rolling pin 😛

He missed out! It was so good especially with the vinegar sauce with onion and chilli. I do apologise, I don’t have any photo. I didn’t know I’d be interested in blogging back then.



If you are getting sick of trying local food, go ahead and have some fast food. Maccas… Vigan style. Everything has to go with the heritage building vibe and Ronald knew what’s up.

Everyone’s favourite, Mang Inasal, also has a branch in Vigan. What is Mang Inasal you might ask? It’s char-grilled chicken which originated from the province of Bacolod in the Philippines best eaten with rice and chicken oil – so bad but so yum!


Before hopping on our van to begin our travels, we headed to Cafe Leona for a proper lunch. This place has the most extensive menu I’ve ever seen and I am not a fan. Make life easy, give me a couple of choices not a 20 pager menu. Besides, I’ve been to a few restaurants and if a place has a bit of everything – you know they are not good with anything.



Off we go to our first stop, the Bantay Bell Tower where we took some cheesy couple shots (it’s too embarrassing to share all of them in here).



Our next stop before heading back to Calle Crisologo (the street you go to if you want to see all the heritage buildings) was Baluarte. This place was a waste of time but hey it’s free entry and at least you get to say you’ve been to this place.



Just missed the bird show, that could’ve been interesting.

Back at the hotel with plenty of time to freshen up before dinner, guess what we saw? ‘Manong Fishballs’!! A street food vendor, funny that I wouldn’t dare eat from a street food vendor back when I lived in Manila but his cart looked clean and I’m a tourist now in this city and I missed KWEK KWEK for sure! Quail eggs wrapped in orange coloured flour dipped in a secret sauce, yummo!


There really isn’t much to do around Calle Crisologo but there are a lot to do in Ilocos, I’ll share more in my next post.




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