From Vigan to Laoag: We Continue to Explore North of the Philippines

Our exploration of the North continues… this day was all about Laoag. Our first stop was Paoay Church. The Philippines is a country mainly composed of Catholics, hence, really old and very beautiful Churches everywhere.





For lunch, there’s a popular restaurant near the Church called Herencia. Worst decision ever! See, I am a very understanding customer even if I’m hungry but this place needs a new manager – I’m hoping they already do since this was 4 years ago. They were very busy and the wait was horrendous! Wait to get in a restaurant, I’m all good with but wait to get the food served… that’s a different story.

We almost offered to help in the kitchen because they needed to get their sh*t together. The service was so bad and there was no apology.


The food was also average, shame as it was very unique. Pinakbet and Sisig pizzas – Filipino twist to the Italian favourite. Great idea, bad execution. I would still give them another try if the food was great, but it wasn’t so at least I’ve tried it.


Well, no bad food can ruin a holiday so off we go to our next stop. The Malacañang of the North, Malacañang Palace is the Presidential home or the ‘White House’ of the Philippines and is situated in Manila but since the former President Ferdinand Marcos hailed from Ilocos, he had to have one close to home too.

Somebody’s excited to see their name…


The rooms of the Marcos kids…


Some portraits of Mum and Dad and of course the Filipiñana, I’ve never worn one myself but it was arguably made popular by the former First Lady, Imelda Marcos.

This is my favourite part of the mansion, a long dining table with some impeccable views.


The view from the dining area. That’s me attempting a jump shot, couldn’t be bothered waiting for a clear frame 😛




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