From Manila to Vigan: Travelling Back in Time

Vigan is almost an 8-hour drive from where we were staying in Manila. Since I am not a fan of long drives especially if it’s in public transport, we opted to fly to Laoag via Philippine Airlines then hire a private car to drive us to Vigan proper.

My friends on the other hand took the bus from Manila to Vigan but we all flew back from Laoag to Manila.

The sky was beautiful when we landed in Laoag. The staff aren’t as strict either, so we were able to take some photos.

It was a quiet ride to Vigan from Laoag, it was dark outside so we barely saw anything but I was so looking forward to seeing the historic province, it only felt like a 5 minute drive.


I love Christmas time in the Philippines, growing up, we didn’t celebrate Christmas due to our religion but I’ve always loved it. The lights, trees, party, gifts, and family time. When I moved to Australia, I instantly became a ‘Master Elf’ in Christmas Warehouse – that means I went shopping crazy with Christmas decor.


Everything in Vigan is very Instagrammable but the first order of business was to have some ‘Bagnet’ for dinner. Bagnet is a deep-fried pork belly dish that originated from the Vigan province. YUM! So unhealthy but when I’m on holidays, I don’t care. In fact, when it’s good, I don’t care, holidays or not.

No photo of the magnet unfortunately, as I scoured it the moment it landed on our table. It’s an early night for us, it always is anyway when it’s just the two of us travelling. We’re tired and some friends are about make havoc the next few days.


I am scared of heritage homes and pretty much every hotel in the province looks haunted except for Ciudad Fernandina Hotel. New, well-lit, and has good Vigan Longganisa, another favourite from Vigan.


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