The Wedding Cake Rock

The next stop for our monthly scenic walks/hikes was the Wedding Cake Rock. It’s one of those walks where you have to park, walk, then walk back to the car which I am not a fan of as we’ve already established in my previous posts.

We started off our day with some nice breakfast at Audley Dancehall & Cafe at the entrance of the Royal National Park. From there, it’s only about fifteen minutes drive to the entry point of the Wedding Cake Rock walk.

We had to go around a bit ‘cos some roads were blocked due to a murder case in the area – we had to Google what was going on. Pretty scary I must admit.

By the time we got there, all the street parking nearby was taken so we had to park a fairway bit but that’s alright, we’re there for a walk after all.


You can continue the walk for hours on but our last and major stop is the Wedding Cake Rock which was only about an hour walk along the stunning coast.


For the most part they’ve built a new walk way which is really convenient to keep them nice shoes clean and mud-free but unfortunately, they’ve only done parts of it and to get to the Wedding Cake Rock, we had to go through a massive paddle. There are only 2 ways out of it – one is to through the bushes on either side of the walk way, we opted for this one on our way in. The second way is to skip and hop across man-made steps along the mud, which we opted for on our way back just to show off 😛



After going through that, you’ll have to climb a few steps then go for a break as the construction people struggle to finish their work due to the heavy foot traffic on a weekend.

The rock formation is no longer safe, hence it’s been fenced off but what do you expect from people, right?


Stay safe everyone, stay behind the fence. It’s there for a reason, don’t risk your life for that Instagram post.


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