The Great Ocean Road: 12 Apostles

Phew, this is the last leg of my Great Ocean Road series . After Lorne, we headed straight to the 12 Apostles and the Lorch Ard Gorge. Upon arrival at the very busy Information Centre at the 12 Apostles where helicopter tours depart, we had some refreshments then started our trek to the 12 Apostles.


We were quite hesitant to begin with as there weren’t many people heading that way. Everyone’s headed to the viewing point. We didn’t drive HOURS to just see these rock formations from the viewing point. So off we go and braved the empty path to the beach where you can see one of the 12 Apostles.

In less than 10 minutes, I managed to almost step on a red back spider – I was wearing flip flops, ladies and gentlemen. NOT GOOD. It ran (or crawled) away before I even got to scream, so we good.


Can’t miss a jump at the beach photo opp

The walk was a lot shorter than expected, I think we got there in about 20 minutes if not less? We doubted ourselves mid-way, thinking we were lost or that we’re still kilometres away, especially after reaching the highway. Once you reach the highway, keep walking… it’s on the other side of the road so just keep walking… past the parking lot then down to the beach. IMG_8645

The steep, wet and busy way down wasn’t the ideal scenario for my flip-flops but I survived. Not to mention, you have to jump (not that high) once you reach the end. Wrong choice of footwear for sure but not to worry, it was worth the walk and the danger of hurting my feet. Shame it was such a windy day and the water was so rough that day but regardless it still felt very nice to be down there and to just soak in the view.


It was time to head back – the part I dread the most whenever we go for scenic walks but it was so pretty, we didn’t mind at all.

We stayed the night at Motel Marengo, the most spacious motel I’ve ever been to! It was old but surprisingly decent. We were expecting the worst but hotels and motels around are quite pricey. The staff was very friendly too, suggested a few restaurants which we ended up trying. Best seafood pasta ever!

That concludes our Great Ocean Road adventure, thanks for reading!



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