The Great Ocean Road: Lorne

45 minutes later then we reached our next stop, a major town called Lorne.


Lorne is one of the bigger cities you’ll drive past on your Great Ocean Road trip. We timed it so by the time we get to Lorne, it’s lunch time. The plan was to have fish & chips by the beach but it was too hot and there’s no shade anywhere so we just ate indoors.


If we wanted to get through all the stops we identified then there was no time to go for a swim which was really such a shame. Lorne Beach was the only stop where I intended to have a dip but maybe it’s for the best, I just devoured fish & chips good for two people. Not exactly the best pre-bikini meal.


We didn’t really stay in Lorne that long. Had our lunch then walked around in the beach for a bit. This is also where the famous Memorial Arch is, which marks the beginning of the beautiful Great Ocean Road drive. We actually didn’t know this but we obviously drove past it and saw a lot of tourist taking photos. That’s okay, we’ve seen it. That’s good enough.


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