The Great Ocean Road: Bell’s Beach, Torque

This is only my second visit to Melbourne. Since I’m still on Ls (yes, I’m on my late 20s and still on my Ls), I couldn’t do this without my ever patient partner-in-life/crime. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that we were in Melbourne for the Comedy Festival. Started our journey in Phillip Island then to Mornington Peninsula and then back to the CBD for the Oxfam Gala then the last leg is the Great Ocean Road. 

But first, breakfast. If there’s one thing Melbourne is known for, that’s gotta be good breakfast, which also means good coffee but neither of us drink of coffee so we’ll devour some breakfast instead.

We stayed at a dingy hotel called Causeway Inn on the Mall at Bourke Street Mall. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t so bad but it wasn’t so good either. The location is convenient, you step out then there’s food, shopping and a tram. They also have free breakfast but we love our food so much that when we saw it was just cereals and toasts, we walked straight back to our room to get ready for some real breakfast.


Only 7 minutes walk from our hotel was this amazing little laneway (what isn’t in a laneway in Melbourne, right?) cafe called The Hardware Societe. I got myself some baked chorizo (yum!!!) and some hot matcha. Perfect combination. The waiter said good choice, not entirely sure if he says that to everyone but I was proud of my choices.


We travel light! For a 4-day trip, this is pretty light for my standards.


Now, the Great Ocean Road trip begins! Our first stop, Bell’s Beach, is just over an hour drive from Melbourne CBD. Bell’s Beach is a great surfing spot and home to professional surfing competitions. Wade and I aren’t surfers, so we were there for the view.


I’m more of a white beach girl but a beach is a beach.


Couple of steps down and then some beautiful rock formations will welcome you. Flip flops and wet rocks? Not the best combo but I wouldn’t miss the view from up there. It really wasn’t that high but yea I’m quite short…



We didn’t really walk the shore because there’s still the other side we have yet to explore.


Now, here’s the view from the other side. We didn’t bother going down as it didn’t look very friendly. However, there’s a “cabin” you can hang out in from up there which actually is a very good vantage point. We stayed there for a good couple of minutes watching surfers, wishing we could do what they do and then realised I’m scared of the vast and deep waters.


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