VIC Getaway: Brighton Beach

I have to admit, I only wanted to visit this beach to take a photo with the Brighton Baths. #OOTD, call me lame but it is what it is. 


The baths were definitely cool and something different but I wasn’t exactly too impressed with the sand and the beach but it’s beautiful in its own right.


We stopped by Brighton Beach on our way back to Melbourne CBD from Phillip Island. The initial plan was to have lunch around here but we had a late breakfast and we’re too full to have anything.


So we strolled around the beach instead, from one end to another. I quite like the shallow part of the ocean. I find it really pretty even with the absence of colourful coral reefs and fishes.


I didn’t take off my flip flops at all since the sand was a bit painful for my rather princess-y feet, it’s not really, but it was still painful.


So we finally decided to walk back to our car. Low and behold, it was the perfect timing as an officer was about to give us a parking ticket. So what did I do? I screamed and ran as fast and as loud as I can saying “that’s our car!!”. He kindly let us go, otherwise that would’ve been a very expensive photo op.


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