VIC Getaway: Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula wasn’t originally in our itinerary but my workmate suggested we visit Peninsula Hot Springs and we’re so glad we did! Read how two hot spring virgins survived the heat.

The plan was to get to the resort before 9:00am so we could avail of the early-bird rate.
We made it just in time, 8:59 am! With no breakfast in our bellies, which probably is for the best considering we’re in swimwear, we braved the warm (a lot warmer than expected) water of Peninsula Hot Springs.


We rented a locker to store our valuables, we probably could’ve gone without it to be honest since the robes we rented got pockets anyway. One must shower first before dipping in the over 20 baths available for us to enjoy and relax in.


Trust that this will be my first pool of choice. I lost Wade and he didn’t have his phone on him. Sooner or later he’ll realise that he lost me so best to stay close where we last saw each other. It took me a couple of minutes before I can fully submerge my feet into the water, it was quite hot!

Wade eventually turned up, two pools later. There was another pool near the change rooms apart from the “feet” ones. Apparently, he was in the toilet that whole time. So here we are, he finally joined me in our first pool.

A bit of a wardrobe malfunction on my end though, I was wearing a white bikini I got form H&M for $5. I’ve always wanted to have a white bikini, not realising that you can see straight through it the moment it gets wet! What was I thinking? Oh well, it kept me under water for the entire time.


We skipped some pools, either it’s too crowded or the water is 40+ degrees and that’s just not happening. We braved the reflexology walk though, I knew it was going to hurt my feet but it looked so pretty so off we go.


I was practically screaming “ouch” the whole way through and the worst part is, we have to walk back because we left our flip flops on the other end. What a nightmare! I must admit, it felt good at times.

We dipped in about 5 other pools, left my phone in my robe pocket and just relaxed and had a chat for a good couple of hours.


This was our last pool (right on the corner, I didn’t want to take a photo of strangers half naked). The pool with a view, way at the top. Unfortunately, it was so full and way too hot. I literally walked in, stood there for a couple of seconds and walked out. We soaked in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula view from outside the pool instead, it was equally beautiful.



Before we indulge ourselves with a hearty breakfast, we took a bit of a break by the pond and watched the ducks roam around. Wade wasn’t keen to get out of the last pool but it was getting too hot for me. Shame, I couldn’t endure the heat any longer. Well now at least I know I’m not such a big fan of hot springs. I definitely do not mind it for a few minutes but not to lounge around there for hours.

The place is definitely beautiful, quiet, peaceful and serene. I definitely recommend dropping by your next visit to Melbourne.


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