My longest hike… yet

I am determined to make 2016 my most active year yet. Three months before 2016, I joined BodyPass. I loved it but I wanted more and didn’t like being charged cancellation fees when all of a sudden I’m not feeling well or I have to stay back at work. Plus, I wanted to reduce my expenses in any way possible so both the boyfriend and I have been doing home training and running since the end of last year.

One of the challenges I’ve set up for my self is to do something outdoorsy once a month. For the first month of 2016, my girlfriends and I did the Manly Scenic Walk.


We started from the Spit Bridge and walked the scenic trail to Manly in just under 3 hours. I want to give myself and my friends a tap on the back since this is not bad at all for first timers. I almost died in the process, there was a point (uphill in the heat) when I was finding it hard to breathe. A couple minute break fixed it all and we’re back on track.


Yes, I brought my selfie stick with me but only used it in the beginning… I just couldn’t be bothered.


Using my fresh Lululemon purchases from Christmas care of my very generous boyfriend. One guaranteed way to inspire me to be active is to buy new active wear.


The one thing that makes this walk worth it, is the view (and maybe the beautiful houses that inspire you to work your a** off).



It was the perfect day to do it, not too cold, not too hot. We started early so it was still a bit cool and that by the time we reach Manly, it should be lunch time then we could reward ourselves.


It was exactly what I expected it to be except for the occasional runners and LIZARDS. I am scared of anything that moves except for humans and dogs. We had to stop for a couple of minutes each time there was a lizard blocking my way. I JUST COULDN’T.



The view from the top. Inhaling the air from up here was something.


Of course, it won’t be “us” if we didn’t ruin the view with a photo of ourselves in it. =P


My brother is a professional wedding photographer. He taught me how to take photos and let’s just say I learned a thing or two.

Seeing this part of the walk felt like Alice in Wonderland. Look at that walk way, to be honest, I was too tired to keep going as it was uphill that’s why I decided to take a breather and take some snaps.


Apparently, we’re getting closer to the finish line. You can opt to not do the whole walk and end anywhere you wish, there are plenty of exit points you can choose from or perhaps stop for a quick dip or a $1 lemonade from a cute little kid.


My “I can’t wait for this to be over” selfie.


…. and we finally made it to Manly! It was definitely a busy day, it was packed with beach goers and we are lovin it!


My well-deserved meal from Fish Shack in Manly. We managed to literally just miss rush hour as there was a massive queue as soon as we managed to order our food. I had my fish and chips with salad instead of chips because I’m a changed woman (not really but I tried). My tip, get the garlic butter sauce, it was the best decision I’ve made that day!

Cheers to an active 2016!


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