We tried to be fancy…

I read an article about some habits you should start building if you want to be rich. Basically, it inspired me for a moment then realised that it all boils down to hard work, persistence and luck. However, it still wouldn’t hurt to do things on the list especially if it gives you an excuse to pig out with your girlfriends… in a fancy way.

We ventured in to The Rocks for some high tea (all you can eat), is there any other way? So the girls and I dressed up a bit and munched on some goodies and champagne at The Cortile at the InterCon, The Rocks.


I didn’t wait long, as soon as the waitress took our drink orders, I headed straight to the food. I didn’t have breakfast so…


It wasn’t overwhelmingly plenty but it’s still a lot and unfortunately, I didn’t get to try all of them because I don’t want to feel (too) guilty afterwards.


But there’s always space for cheese…


and tiny little cones with little choc chips.


Why choose between champagne and tea when you can have both?


And then some… this was really sweet, but not painfully sweet.


My last plate, the sweets. I started off with the savoury bits, then cheese, then some sweets and more sweets.



A mirror-fie before heading to Vera Wang to try on some wedding dresses just because.


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