Smooth Festival of Chocolate 2015

Recently, I gave in to my craving of ice cream chocolate so it is only fitting that I choc myself out by writing about my first ever “Chocolate Festival”. Both the boyfriend and I love chocolates, well he likes chocolates, I just like to eat really.

Early on in our relationship, I was all about white chocolate, some chocolate enthusiasts might call it the “fake chocolate”. The boyfriend on the other hand was all about dark chocolate, which I’m not a big fan of actually until I did the BuzzFeed Clean Eating Challenge. I am now a convert – milk and dark all the way, whilst the boyfriend is now a milk man (ha! a milk man).

To justify indulging in chocolates, we started our day by cycling from The Rocks to Barangaroo then back, where they held last year’s Chocolate Festival.


This is what welcomed us. I had to be smart about what to buy as I want a mix of both savoury and sweet and I only had about $100 in cash.


My first purchase was some churros, a stick wouldn’t hurt I thought. I was planning to share it with the boyfriend so I could potentially eat more but he refused. Damn.


How pretty are these?! There was a massive crowd in front of this stall so I just squeezed in took a snap and stared at it for a good couple of seconds. Perks of being tiny sometimes, it’s really easy to squeeze in a huge crowd.


Rows and rows of colourful and tasty macarons.


If I could, I would’ve tried each and every one of these eclairs.


The mason jar trend continues…


I’m a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese type of girl but I can resist these beauties.

Thanks to this festival, I found my favourite chocolate. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of their stand but luckily, I took a flat  lay when we got home.


Zokoko is an Australian handmade chocolate from the West! That’s even more exciting. The Chale Milk was the only flavour that we bought so I can’t attest to their other flavours but I am telling you, it was the bomb! I bought 3 last Easter to give the boyfriend with the intention of finishing it my self, but he was too fast. 😦


Now let’s move to the savoury side of things. This place has some awesome chimichurri sauce, maybe not as good as Porteno but pretty good for a meat skewer place in a Chocolate Festival. So good that I bought 2 skewers then went back for 2 more.




These Shayan guys are having the best time ever. They’re probably the happiest stall so we thought, why don’t we take some photos with them.


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