From Rhodes to Cockatoo Island

Since I’ve read the news that The Island Bar is relocating end of next month I made sure my girlfriends and I get to visit the place before it does.

It has been on my “to visit” list for a while and all I needed was some sense of urgency.

My friends caught the ferry from Sydney Olympic Park and I met them at the Meadowbank ferry. If you’re from around that area, you would know the horror behind the roundabout of doom near DFO Homebush. To avoid the hideous traffic, I met them at the next ferry wharf which was Meadowbank. It’s a 35 minute direct ferry ride from Olympic Park to Cockatoo Island. Quite convenient and scenic (for the most part, I was appalled, terrified and saddened by how dirty the water was at the Meadowbank ferry wharf) route to the island.

We arrived at Cockatoo Island just in time for lunch. Since we’re all hungry we went straight to The Island Bar to order some wood fired pizza… and a jug of booze, which was very refreshing by the way. Ask the bartender what’s their most popular drink and order just that.

The place is very vibrant, just perfect to match the perfect view. We went on a really good day too – not too cold, not too hot. You will be ushered to your seat as you walk in but make sure you don’t leave your table empty, somebody took one of our bright yellow chairs and they are very hard to come by.


Don’t worry about your heels, it’s fake grass.

The Harbour Bridge is just around the corner.

If you love your #OOTD shots then Cockatoo Island is a perfect backdrop. In fact, apart from tourists, families, drinkers and campers there were a few models and photographers roaming around too.


Top, Fleur Wood | Skirt, Forever New | Jewellery, Lovisa | Sandals, Countryroad


Inside the old ship yard are beautiful walls and of course, remnants of history that makes the place really unique.

Entry to the one of the buildings, the one closest to The Island Bar.


Maybe there was a line of sinks here before.




An old boat leading a pack of new ones behind it.


Thanks for reading 🙂


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