K Korean Fusion, Rhodes

There was a massive black out in Rhodes so we decided to drive to Macquarie Centre to have some Ippudo Ramen but the boyf wasn’t really keen to drive 2 levels up in pitch black to get out of our carpark. So scratch that idea… lucky for us, for some bizarre reason a Korean restaurant near us happen to have power. I’ve never seen this joint so busy. We’ve ordered Korean fried chicken for delivery before but have never really tried eating in. 

The place was packed and they had one wait staff serving everyone. Guess they didn’t expect the crowd. We still managed to get a table straight away but it took a LONG WHILE before we got served. The menu was mainly in Korean so that made ordering a bit tough but we managed. I saw “all-you-can-eat” and “hot pot” and I was sold. There were signs everywhere about their special deals but we can’t really understand most of it since it’s also in Korean. We braved it anyway and ordered the buffet Korean hot pot not knowing how much it will set us back.


The first thing that was served to us was some warm water with beetroot, at least that’s what we think it was, and sheets of “round plastic”. I know this will really make us sound stupid but we had no clue what it was. The waitress is so busy so we couldn’t exactly ask for help. She eventually explained that we can use it for part of the buffet. We still didn’t understand what she said, so we stared at this for a little while until our hot pot arrived.

During the Christmas break, we went to a Vietnamese place in Cabramatta with my family. They served the exact same thing except the water is just plain water. Ha! It’s for fresh spring rolls. Now we know.




There were ample of choices, meat, veggies, noodles, seafood, dessert and fruits. Pretty good value for $25, yep, as we held our breath upon paying hoping it’s not $50pp the guy in the counter broke out the good news saying it’s $25pp.


The stock is nothing like them Chinatown favourites but it’s pretty good that I would come back for it. So if you’re in Rhodes sometime soon and looking for some food to eat, consider dropping by K Korean Fusion. They also have ala carte Korean food, make sure you call before you visit though to make sure that they still have the same offer.

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