From Kuala Lumpur to Manila

We flew to Manila with empty luggages so the first order of business was SHOPPING. We stayed at Sea Residences right across SM Mall of Asia during our stay in Manila. MOA (Mall of Asia) at some point was the largest shopping mall in the Philippines and is still one of the largest malls in the world. Trust me, up to this day the layout still confuses me.


I made a list of all the restaurants I’ve missed the two years I’ve been living in Australia and worked through it. One of which was The French Baker, quite a simple restaurant really nothing fancy. The German Sausage with Potato Salad is my go-to-meal at this place. I think there are about three things I always order from here – the German sausage, Soup on a Bread Bowl and Hamburger Steak. That first bite validated that I was home.


Another favourite of mine which happened to be just a couple of minutes walk away is Jammin Jamaica, a well deserved snack after hours of cardio shopping. Jammin Jamaica is popular for their Jamaican patties. They had a small stall right outside my university and that’s where I would always go back then. I don’t even recall calling it Jammin Jamaica, we just call it the Jamaican patty place. I didn’t like spicy then so I always get the tomato and beef.


I could eat two patties in one seating… He didn’t have any.


If you have kids, SM malls are the way to go. The boyf had only one comment, everything was excessive and who loves excessive? Kids and the kids at heart, like me!

Our family home is all the way up north of Manila. It is a bit far from the CBD (because of the terrible traffic) but should only take about half an hour drive really. Regardless, I had to show the boyf my end of town and of  course to meet my dog, Dodjee.


If they have Lego in SM Mall of Asia, they have Hello Kitty in SM North EDSA, which now holds the second largest shopping mall title in the Philippines. The sad reality is we don’t have much parks in Manila. Maybe it’s the heat or maybe safety concerns that’s why people prefer to hang around in malls rather than parks.


The supposedly less than half an hour drive from MOA (Mall of Asia) to SM North EDSA took right about 2 hours. It’s the Christmas season and the traffic couldn’t be any worse. The boyf was rather entertained by the stoplight timer though. 12 seconds until we can move…


And so they meet…


It didn’t take long for Dodjee to warm up. If you’ve read my other posts, you’d know that the boyf is some sort of animal whisperer. They all love him!


Nap time after playing.

Dodjee is now in doggy heaven. May he rest in peace.

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