A Quick Malaysian Stopover

After 2 years of dating (and me nagging that I’m homesick), we finally decided to take the leap and venture on our first trip outside Australia. Philippines was a fitting country of choice as our first overseas trip together. I can show him around the place like no one else and he can meet my family and friends back home.

But before that, we stayed a night at the Marriott in Putrajaya, Malaysia. We flew with the amazing Malaysia Airlines, I mean seriously, it was one of the best flights I’ve ever had such a shame what happened to them. I have to admit, I have been avoiding the airline since the tragic incidents. I am particularly scared of flying, so please do not judge me.


We arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport early in the morning, around 4am if I can remember it correctly (this was back in 2012). We thought hey, it’s only a night, let’s stay in a nice hotel to have some nice food and have a quick dip when we wake up before the flight…. that didn’t happen but we took a photo of the beautiful pool from our room. As expected, we couldn’t be bothered waking up early enough to have a swim even if it was so inviting. Oh well… time to have some legit Nasi Lemak for breakfast. Oh guess there wasn’t anytime for that too since we woke up just in time for the hotel car to drive us back to the airport.


But there’s always time for a photo op with Christmas decors. I grew up in a religion that do not celebrate Christmas but I still love the festivities and the decorations, maybe that’s why I get a little bit too excited whenever I see snow mans and ginger bread houses.


It was daytime on our way back to the airport so we can finally see our surroundings properly. After this quick getaway, we decided that Malaysia will be our next trip but that didn’t happen unfortunately. We have some valid reason/s so watch this space.


Since we landed, I’ve been meaning to try Nasi Lemak. An airport cafe would do at this point. Gee it was spicy, even the boyf who likes and can handle spice like no other thought it was spicy.

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Manila is a joint flight between Malaysia Airlines and Philippine Airlines. I already felt at home with our fellow passengers being majority were Filipinos. I cannot explain how excited I was for the both of us. I can finally show him where I grew up, where I used to hang out, how home was like and of course to meet my amazing friends and family.

Up next: Our first day in Manila


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