Gourmandise de Paris @ Pyrmont

Work friends are real friends. I am no different at home and at work, not sure yet if that’s a good or a bad thing but I don’t think I will change that anytime soon. This is why I know I’ve made real good friends at work and we built our friendship on none other than food. 🙂

Thanks to Opal card, we sometimes have the luxury of going to Chinatown for lunch (or at least we used to, been really busy lately). For some reason we always end up having Asian food for lunch. Probably because it’s the cheapest option or the fact that there are 2 Filipinos, a Chinese and an Indian in our “foodie” group. I get sick of it sometimes and managed to convince them to have French one day.

Just a couple of minutes walk from work and you’ll reach this quaint little French spot in Harris Street, Pyrmont called Gourmandise de Paris. The staff is very friendly and bubbly, singing their hearts out whilst preparing our smell-that-makes-you-hungier-by-the-minute meal.



There’s clashing details everywhere but it seems to work.


The mason jar trend continues…



Fresh flowers always light up the room.


We all ordered different types of crepes. I got La Poulet which is chicken, cream, mushroom, onion and cheese. I could barely finish the whole lot as it is massive but I managed to eventually.



There’s literally moustaches everywhere.


Will I come back? Definitely! There’s about 10 other crepes I want to try. Maybe I should go back before we move offices.


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