Canberra Walk-in Aviary

circa Easter 2012.

I love dogs. I like animals. I find birds cute but not to touch nor cuddle. They’re not exactly made for cuddling but I know some of you will argue that. In fact, a friend of mine had a bird and they would take it anywhere they go, literally, even driving. I’m pretty sure that could potentially be really dangerous.

We were in Canberra for the boyf’s sister’s wedding and decided to visit Canberra Walk-in Aviary whilst we were there with his family. I was really concerned at first because I was wearing a leather jacket which isn’t exactly very cheap but I guess it was a smart choice of clothing in case I get pooped on.

So we (more like I) braved it in. For a person who likes animals, I squeal from freight when birds try to land on me or steal my food. Yes, I am talking about you seagulls in the CBD.


Animals just love him, he doesn’t even have to try. I’m totally cool with that except when it comes to dogs. I love dogs! Yet, they betray me and huddle over him instead.


So we’re in. They ran out of worms that day so they gave us apples instead. THANK GOODNESS. Live worms plus me and birds, not a good idea.


The birds won’t approach us straight away. Is it because they are full? It was a pretty busy day after all. Do we look scary perhaps? Don’t think so. If anything, I was scared, maybe that scared them off.


Nope, don’t force it.


This one finally gave in. Such a cute thing, look at those colours.


Yup, we’re mates now. Friendship escalated quickly I’d say.


However, they still wouldn’t go near me. This is starting to make me feel upset, until… with a little help from the boyf the first bird landed on my arm. I was still very concerned about my jacket but look at that little one. Who cares about the jacket at this point.


I built up my confidence eventually and managed to get another one on my shoulder this time.


Then my head! No, it didn’t poop right in my head. Call me the bird whisperer.


All the birds were beautiful but there was one that really caught my eye. If love at first sight existed, this must be it. Of course, as every precious gem, it’s as elusive as it could get. Not even the boyf could get close… he did get close, just about that (photo below).


We decided to stop bothering it after a while and take a break from feeding the birds. The moment we did, two from our group got blessed with the lovely black and white creamy gift from them. Off we go, that’s the sign.

There’s cafes and souvenir shops surrounding the place. Of course, I had to look though I never buy anything from these souvenir shops. It was a very fun experience. The next time you are in Canberra, make sure you visit this place and be friendly with the birds.

Thanks for reading my blog.


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