New Shanghai, Pitt Street, Sydney

Tucked in the (almost) corner of Pitt Street and Market Street is this rather well known gem, New Shanghai, with branches across Australia and of course, Shanghai.

My workmates and I went after work (after yoga for me, they worked late). I was the first one to arrive and managed to break some glasses with my massive gym bag. The staff were so polite and made sure I didn’t feel responsible for it at all but I still felt bad and embarrassed anyway but they sure made me feel better.

As soon as they arrived, we didn’t take long to order since everyone was starving, I know I was.


The novelty of eating this from those pockets made this dish so much fun to eat.


I’m still Din Tai Fung over New Shanghai for xiao long bao, some may disagree but hey each to their own, right? I really prefer the skin as thin as possible. New Shanghai’s was just a tad thicker than DTF’s.


It’s not as spicy as it looks so fear not. I can’t take too much spiciness myself so this was just perfect. Probably my favourite dish after the Peking Duck.


Now, the star of the night. After having Peking Duck in Singapore couple of months ago, I have been dying to have some more and no better place to have it than this place. I had it more recently at Mr. Wong’s and I was drastically disappointed.


Now, this was the biggest let down of the night – the fried ice cream. There’s no flavour choices and this one was coconut flavour, the coconut taste was too overpowering that you couldn’t enjoy it at all.

I would definitely go back to this place, maybe at their Chatswood or Ashfield branch.

Thanks for reading!


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