Taronga Zoo

It’s Valentine’s Day of 2012 (well couple of days before Valentine’s Day). We never learn, every place we want to go to for Valentine’s Day is fully booked. I’m hoping this year, we’ll finally nail it.

Unlike other young tourists (yes, young) I enjoy going to the zoo. I freak out when animals go near me or growl at me but they could never stop me from paying $40 to see them from afar.


We took the scenic route, it is a Valentine’s Day celebration after all, caught the ferry from Circulary Quay to Taronga Zoo.


I got sea sick waiting for the ferry on our way back to the city.


Took the cable car at the entrance of Taronga Zoo. There’s also an option to walk but hey, why not?


They are not koala bears but they sure are as cute as teddy bears. You can actually pat them at Featherdale Zoo but I’ve been there and I have to see Taronga Zoo, you just have to.


The largest lizard I’ve ever seen. Ever. Probably longer than me.


I do not like reptiles. So we got it out of the way and checked out these lovely creatures first.


I do not like turtles either but that long neck one made me cheer of joy.


The fear of walking alongside these reptiles.


One of the prettiest birds I’ve ever seen.


I particularly like this one too, maybe it’s the eyes.




This was the highlight of our trip. I love shows (I really hope they are not tortured) but being in Australia, I doubt they are. I got wet but it’s all worth it.


Break time and lunch time. The food inside the zoo is not cheap neither nice but it’s all part of the experience. I wish one day they serve fantastic food in theme parks and zoos.

Top, Mink Pink | Shorts, Pink Label | Bag, online | Sandals, Rubi Shoes | Bracelet, Equip | Necklace, Majique | Sunnies, Rubi


The happiest monkey in Sydney.



The one who has the best view.


My first time to see mountain goats. I was really impressed. There are a lot in Taronga Zoo.


At the exit, they are giving away bags where you can send your unwanted mobile phones for free. It’s a mobile phone recycling program we should all participate it. I have been sending my old iPhones (since I switched) back in Manila for my cousins to use but otherwise, they will go to this campaign. Read more about the campaign here.


The day ended with a surprise. As a gift, he said I could buy any shoes that I want… so I did.

Thanks for reading!


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