Sculpture by the Sea 2011

It’s advisable to take public transport when you check out Sculpture by the Sea.

An advise, start from the less popular end of the Sculpture walk – Tamarama. Everyone seems to start from Bondi going to Tamarama but to avoid the big crowd catching the Bondi buses, go to Stand K then catch the bus to Tamarama and start your walk from there then finish off at Bondi with ice cream or fish and chips by the beach.


Dress, Zimmermann | Bag, Esprit | Sandals, Grendha | Sunnies, Glebe Markets


It’s a good day to do it. Sunny, perfect beach weather. Make sure you put sunscreen on, although they do have free sunscreen available at Tamarama.

These zebras were one of my favourites.


The shades of blue makes me want to go for a swim.


These “things” go all the way up the apartment buildings. Quite cool.


There are a lot of people but that’s part of it and one of the reason why it’s fun. Although, I am quite disappointed at this year’s showcase.


A bit of a naughty bunch these sculptures. I don’t understand the meaning of these pieces but I am always amazed but the ideas, the size and what its made of.

This year’s Sculpture by the Sea disappointed us so we might skip next year’s but we’ll see. A trip to Bondi is never a waste.

Thanks for reading!



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