Theme Park Holiday

circa 2011

To continue on from my previous blog. Relive my first theme park bonanza at the Gold Coast with me.

To fuel up for the long day ahead, first stop – Pancakes in Paradise.


The boyf had the fruity variation and I had the eggs benedict pancake.


After breakfast, we caught the bus that brings us straight to Dreamworld. I love theme parks even if I do not have the courage (I used to, up until university days) to ride anything so we went to all five in Gold Coast.


Dress, Cotton On | Beach Towel, Cotton On


White tiger, a naughty white tiger but very cute nonetheless. We spent the whole day at Dreamworld and Whitewater World. Whitewater World was a winner for us because we both like slides and it was small enough not to be too overwhelming.

We then took a quick rest at the hotel then we checked out Q1, the highest residential tower in the world.


Dress, Supre | Sandals, Grendha 


The next day, our adventure begins. This time we chose to have breakfast at our first stop, Sea World. If you’re eating something, I highly suggest you scroll past this part I’m about to share.

I go through phases when it comes to taking vitamins and during this time I was religiously taking them. I had it with zero food in my stomach.

On our way to catch the bus to Sea World, I started feeling dizzy then my worst nightmare happened – I threw up in public, luckily there wasn’t many people around us. That’s not the worst though, what a normal scenario would be the boyf holding up my hair, fetch me some water and help me relax but the funniest thing happened, he started throwing up himself ala yawn effect. I throw up, you throw up. We thought it was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing. Imagine throwing up and laughing at the same time. People must think we were still drunk from the night before.


We go there in the end, in fact, a tad too early so we had to wait for the doors to open so we could feed ourselves.


Breakfast, finally.


I’m the youngest late 20’s you’ll ever meet.

Next stop, to meet my girlfriends at Movie World before we all head off to my favourite theme park of all, Wet n Wild.


Five years later, the boyf still couldn’t fathom the squealing every time we greet each other.


Top (worn as bikini cover up), Zara | Sunnies, Rubi | Chandelier Earrings, Equip | “I Love Surfer Boys” Tote, San Juan Surf Shop 


The only ride they were able to convince me to go in.



Running low on cash…


It’s time go home! Thank you for reading.


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