From Sydney to Surfers Paradise

circa 2011.

To celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together, we decided to go to Gold Coast for a few days. My girlfriends and I have been meaning to go there as well, so I took the leap and booked the first flight then everyone followed suit. You just need that first person to book, don’t you? Luckily for the boyf he was the only rose amongst the thorns.

On the bus on our way to our hotel. We stayed at Vibe Hotel along Ferny Ave. which was the perfect location. It’s right next to the one of the major Surfers Paradise bus stops. You cross the street and you’re at the hub of Gold Coast at a very reasonable price.


The first thing that we did after checking in was to stroll around our hotel. My penchant for sculptures continue.


He said “Paradise Is Me”, yea I got it good.



Back to our hotel to freshen up, change for dinner/clubbing (in flats, as you do in Gold Coast) and to meet up with my girlfriends who arrived couple of hours ahead of us.


Our dinner of choice was the Hard Rock Cafe. It was actually my first time to try this place and it was pretty much what you would expect. They now have a branch in Sydney at Darling Harbour which I have yet to pay a visit.


I love this cool door handle.


Because one dinner is not enough. If you know me personally or have been religiously reading my blog, you know that I love to eat… a lot. Plus, nothing beats some post-clubbing hot pizza snack. So stoked that we stumbled upon New York Slice Pizzeria, the pizza was massive, ultra greasy and yummy just how it should be. I loved their pizza so much that when I saw branches in Kings Cross and Darlinghurst, I squealed like a little girl. Unfortunately, both branches are now closed. In fact, when I went back to the Gold Coast earlier this year, this very branch has been replaced by a different pizza joint which sells pretty much the same style pizza but it’s just not quite the same.


Gold Coast means laying around the beach (a number of them), swimming, sun bathing and all that jazz but unfortunately for us, we spent most of our stay at theme parks and other attractions like Infinity which I highly suggest by the way. Seriously, do not leave the Gold Coast without visiting this attraction, you’re in for some real fun.

This was the only time we went to the beach, we only probably stayed there for less than 30 minutes because we’re tired (from all the walking around theme parks) and hungry.


So to dinner we go. Without any plans, we picked the best looking/busiest restaurant near us. We ended up in a Chinese Seafood Restaurant which has an al fresco dining area which wasn’t too shabby.


Yea, Starbucks isn’t really your go to place for dessert but sometimes you gotta make do.


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