Penrith Station

An OOTD post. circa 2011.


Living in Penrith for around three years taught me how to master the art of catching trains. It was definitely a pain in the arse travelling to and from work but this place has a lot to offer (maybe not food) but it has white water rafting, aqua golf, indoor skydiving, wake boarding, rivers, and seriously as cheesy as it sounds, a lot more.


When I first moved to Australia, I would only shop at Kmart (lived next door to it) and the occasional Cotton On (again, lived next door to it). Converting AUD to PHP wasn’t healthy so I eventually stopped and expanded my shopping options… what a big mistake that was.


Dress is from Supre Online, $7.00 (yes, you read that right).

I refuse to pay full price, I have been quoted in CLEO Magazine (I might actually blog about this too) at that time I was running my blog “Sassybutsavvy”. Priorities have changed, I still love SALES but even if it’s on sale you have to control yourself especially when you have bills to pay.


Shoes from Kmart, $13.00. It almost broke that night. Nightmare.


Bag, Freelance, $40



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