Diethnes @ Pitt Street, Sydney

circa 2011.

During this time, they boyf and I were in a ‘let’s try different cuisines’ phase. Well, it was more like I’d try different cuisines and he would order steak every time. He claims it’s cooked differently and it comes with different sides every time.

The week before this we had Spanish, then in that week we had Greek at Sydney’s Original Greek, Diethnes. It’s located at the Chinatown end of Pitt Street. There was a big party the same night we were there which gave me an idea of throwing a party myself in a Greek restaurant, ask everyone to wear blue then I’ll wear white. I never did it.


In this relationship, I’m the sole eater of seafood. No, he’s not allergic to seafood. It is his choice! Can you believe that? We’ve been together for a very long time and I still couldn’t fathom it sometimes. I went for the prawns with lots of garlic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this in their current menu so my guess is they no longer serve it. Shame cos it was actually nice but beware, no kissing for 24 hours.


Homemade Tiropita. The best I’ve ever had! After having this, we started buying pre-made frozen ones from Coles. It’s not the same but it would do.


His grilled sirloin steak served with chips and salad. To be fair, the sauce does look different from the Aussie style.

So did we come back? Yes we did, I remember I was reading ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ at the time but to our dismay, it just wasn’t the same anymore.


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