A Filipino Party 

Have you ever been to a Filipino party? Have you ever been invited to one? If you answered no to my first question then yes to my second, then you have to say yes the next time you get an invite. Why? Because we Filipinos know how to throw a party aka fill your belly up for the next couple of days. Yes, next couple of days because there’s enough take away to last you for days. Which is good when you live and pay rent in Sydney. 

I recently attended a friend’s 30th birthday whose name I won’t disclose but just scroll down a bit then you’ll see his birthday cake (one out of at least 3!) case in point.

Filipinos like it sweet so expect cocktails to be sweet and a little fun too.

We’re also resourceful. When a balloon weight is not available, use a sticky tape instead.

The spread. Apologies if it’s not the final spread. I was too hungry to wait.

That thing on the upper right hand corner is what you call brazo de mercedes and it’s one of the best things about being a Filipino. I love that dessert! Even more so the frozen brazo.

It’s also safe to say that a Filipino party won’t be complete without a karaoke (especially if parents are involved in organising it). Hey, that’s probably why almost every Filipino can sing.

I’ll definitely share more Filipino parties in the future so watch this space.





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