From Sydney to Adelaide

circa 2011

I got a job/gig offer in Adelaide over the weekend, then I also happen to have a very generous friend from there who offered her place. Free airfare, free lodging, how can you say no, right? Plus they have pandas.

I arrived on a Friday and our first stop was Glenelg Beach. Denise (my friend from Adelaide who now lives in Sydney because she missed me too much) introduced me to some of her girlfriends. They took me out to lunch in Glenelg then straight after that we hit the beach.





I spotted slides and I can’t help myself, we had to try it.


We walked around the beach and decided to kill some time by the park where they had some sumo wrestling attraction, it was cute and funny at the same time.

Adelaide was small, ten minute drive then you’re in the CBD, but despite being small it didn’t fall short on things to do and see. In fact, I really enjoyed shopping over there. I got a skirt for $5 and sandals for $10. When they say ‘SALE’, they mean it over in Adelaide.


The next day, we went shopping, met Wang Wang and Funi, then my lovely hosts hosted a party for me. Awesome, eh?




Say hello to Wang Wang. They are definitely the busiest pair at the zoo, well I did go there for them. My first time to see pandas!


Now meet Funi, the cuddly one. Wow, this is probably the worst my acne has been. If you are suffering from acne problems, shoot me a message. I’m more than happy to help. If you’ve seen some of my more recent blogs, like From The Rocks to Barangaroo, you’ll see that I no longer suffer from acne. So, shoot me a message then I’ll share some tried and tested tips.


It got way too crowded at Wang Wang and Funi’s enclosure so we decided to take some photos with this cutie as well.


Time for some party and a “little” alcohol.


Thank you, you two for welcoming me at your home and taking care of me during my stay.


Of course, I can’t forget Rime the cutest, biggest, and did I already mention the cutest (?) dog in Adelaide. I hope to see you again when I get back. I want to explore more of South Australia and I’ll definitely say hi again.


Now it’s time go back to Sydney. When you land and this is the first thing you get to hug 🙂


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