My first NYE in Sydney

circa 2010

This was my first NYE in Sydney so we thought we might as well make a day out of it. We started off with the Sydney Eye Tower to take in the beautiful Sydney at a 360 degrees view from the top.






This looks staged but it wasn’t. I used to wear that bright blue necklace with everything, I guess I was too polite as it is quite early into the relationship but now he knows I like to make sure everything goes and flows together. Still a very nice Christmas present though, maybe I should wear it tomorrow… nope, I’ve already planned my outfit and it’s black and white with red as my accent colour.





Our destination for the night. For some reason, we’ve decided to watch fireworks display at Darling Harbour instead of the Harbour Bridge. It was just way too hard, we’ve got no patience to camp although we still ended up hanging around on the pavements of Darling Harbour and actually fell asleep.


The scariest visual merchandising I’ve ever seen. Kudos to Ted Baker!


Lunch time at the very new (then) Charlie & Co. where I fell in love with their Truffle Fries with Parmesan. Sadly, it’s just not the same recently.



I thought the mini cokes were cute.


This is our lame attempt to take photos of the fireworks, we gave up then just appreciated it live.


George Street post the midnight fireworks. No clubbing nor drinking sesh for us as we had massive shopping bags. We had to buy two beach towels from Cotton On at Harbourside. What for? To sleep on!

I would never do this again! Actually, that’s not entirely true. If and when I have a tourist friend/family member visiting around NYE, I would definitely take them to the CBD for the fireworks. It’s not to be missed and should be tried at least once in your life. The busy and jam-packed crowd is all part of the experience.


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