Parisi @ Darling Harbour

Working at Pyrmont has its pros and cons. That extra 15 minute walk from Town Hall does get to you sometimes but hey how can you complain when you have such an excellent view, right? We still do. Brats. 

Another perk of working in Pyrmont is the abundance of food choices (you don’t really realise this til after a while). Again, it would require a fair bit of travel to go anywhere.

Harbourside, that shopping centre that opens late everyday at Darling Harbour, doesn’t really have an impressive food court that could rival Westfield Sydney but it has Parisi. Parisi is a place for people with sweet tooth who wants something that’s lesser evil, like a chocolate coated fruit perhaps?

Located right next to the escalator, near Gloria Jeans and Glue Store. The colourful display of choc dipped goodies and macarons is something a girl can’t ignore especially when she’s craving for something sweet. That’s me, I was craving so I got the “normal” choice – macarons and strawberries coated in milk chocolate.

You can never go wrong with strawberries coated with chocolate I tell you and for some reason they’re always giant strawberries when you buy them from these places.

The next time you’re in the area and craving for something sweet, check Parisi out.


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