From The Rocks to Barangaroo

Thanks to Bodypass, I’ve been dragging the ever patient boyfriend to try new things with me.

As a fair and just girlfriend, I  compromised. He cycles around the city with me then we go to the Smooth FM Chocolate Festival.

We rented bikes from Bonza Tours at The Rocks for an hour, right next to the Chocolate Festival… how convenient.

We rode from The Rocks to Barangaroo since we both haven’t seen this new park.

FYI – we haven’t been on a bike nor touched one for at least 15 years but you know what they say about riding bikes, you never forget! It is 100% true!

It was rocky to begin with but we got there in the end.

Artwork at The Rocks.

Ms. Blanchett’s turf.

Well hello beautiful Barangaroo.

It took us an hour to go back and forth with lots of stops for photo ops. I’m seriously considering buying a bike after this experience.

If you’re a tourist or even a local like us, we highly recommend cycling around this area. Such beautiful water views and since it’s new, it’s extremely clean.

Next post will be about the Chocolate Festival.


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