Assembly Bar near Town Hall

Go here. Seriously. They have yummy cocktails and free popcorn. If that didn’t convince you then maybe if I tell you they serve those yummy cocktails in a skull bottle you’d be convinced. 

My girlfriends and I had dinner at Chef’s Gallery near Town Hall. What else do you do after downing dozens of dim sums? You find a place to drink. At that time, I’ve never been to Assembly but I’ve walked past it whilst grabbing some Miss Chu (right next to it). It looked pretty good so I suggested we go there. They were in massive heels so the 3 minute walk sold it.

I got my favourite drink, Amaretto Sour, but of course we had to try this really cool drink. Not only did it taste nice, it’s also presented well, with smoke and all. Feel free to browse my Instagram to find the video.

Assembly is now our go-to bar when we’re in the city. The underground feel and youthful crowd (which makes me feel good and bad at the same time) completes the vibe.

I have yet to try their food though so watch this space.


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