Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife World: Lego on the Loose

circa 2011.

Apart from delicious food and pretty things, I have a penchant for Legos too. Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed Lego more than anything. In fact, I had more Legos than Barbies and I’m quite proud of that. I’m not one for building something from scratch, I always followed that booklet/guide.

So when I found out about Lego on the Loose on display at the Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Wildlife World, we had to go!




Of course they have Kangaroos, we are in Australia after all.


A mermaid, quite a popular one.



Because you smile when a serpent is about to eat you from head to toe.



This is not how he looks like now. I’d like to think I still look the same but you can be the judge of that.


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