Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney

circa 2010.

It’s the middle of spring and to my surprise Wade planned a date for us. I have an almost severe case of OCD and that includes planning dates. I’m just the official organiser and I really appreciate it whenever he throws in plans like this every once in a while… like once and then it never happened again in our 5 years of relationship.



I was new to the country so he thought taking me to the Royal Botanical Gardens would be a great idea, it was. It was amazing, I love pretty things and that includes pretty gardens with the view of the Opera House.



Minus the countess bats hanging off the branches, it was perfect. When your boyfriend tells you do not look up, DO NOT LOOK UP. I seriously sprinted from one end of the garden to another where I can finally see the clear skies above me.

Bats are good, they’re very unique creatures but I am afraid of them. They’re probably misunderstood but they have yet to explain their true nature to me. Until then, we’re not friends.


Yes, I like copying statues thinking it’s cute but then it always end up horrible.


Or doing silly poses like trying to be a compass.


Now this is me, one hand in waist, all smiles, and chest out.


There are multiple choices of different themed gardens. It’s such a massive place with a restaurant right in the middle of it.

Let me tell you an embarrassing story – it was time for lunch so Wade and I went to the only restaurant in the garden, Botanic Gardens Restaurant. There was a menu outside but there wasn’t any price written on it or we probably didn’t see it.

We got seated, our waiter gave us our menu, walked off and gave us time to decide what we want to eat. As soon as we open the menu, we were surprised at how expensive it was. Looking at it now, it wasn’t really that bad. A main will cost you $32, it’s not cheap but at the same time, not expensive enough to walk out on, but we did.

We closed the menu and walked out, with all the waiters looking at us confused. Wade just had to say, “not her cup of tea”. Seriously?! Not MY cup of tea!? They have pork belly!! That is so my cup of tea.

That’s still one of our most hilarious memories together. Thank goodness it hasn’t happened again, and I’m not looking forward to that.


This is what we ended up having for lunch. At one of the restaurants along Circular Quay, and to be honest if I can remember correctly, it was like $25. $7 cheaper than Botanic Gardens Restaurant. *SMH*


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