From Sydney to Canberra

It’s Floriade season again! Lots of Sydneysiders will be flocking to Canberra like we did five years ago.

Disclaimer: there’s no photographs of the Floriade. For some reason, we ended up going to museums instead of the festival.

We stayed at Novotel in Canberra, highly recommended! It is at the centre of everything, Canberra is small but this hotel is in a perfect location.


We arrived in Canberra around 11 o’clock the evening on a Friday. We left Blacktown area at around 8 o’clock. Wade was still a red P-plater then so he had to drive slower than the rest of the motorists, which was fine. I am comfortable in slow driving.

I promised to stay up as long as I could but I think I fell asleep during the last 30 minutes, not too bad.

We started our Saturday morning early. We walked around the hotel to look for breakfast then we found this nice cafe, The Blue Olive just walking distance from our hotel.





I insist on going to art museums every time we travel, especially contemporary art. Not to pose next to it (most of the time I do) but I just honestly enjoy being in awe of these great pieces, especially if they’re good and makes sense.


Last photo before we go in.


Canberra was freezing cold even in Spring but to be underneath these trees…




We only looked at this from the outside. I would definitely want to go back to Canberra to explore the Parliament House and Cockington Green Gardens for the miniature houses.


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