Featherdale Wildlife Park @ Doonside, Sydney

Exactly five years ago, Wade and I had our first zoo date at Featherdale Wildlife Park. It’s not as massive nor as fancy as Taronga Zoo but the good thing about Featherdale is you can actually pat and play with the kangaroos.

It’s a 40-min drive from the Sydney CBD otherwise it’s also accessible via public transport, directions available at their website.

Featherdale Zoo

Featherdale Zoo

Featherdale Zoo

Featherdale Zoo

Oh and they have penguins too!! Phillip Island is on my “places to visit” list because penguins are just way too cute.

Featherdale Zoo

I’ve never seen chickens like this and they roam around the zoo, cute!

Featherdale Zoo

For $2, you can buy food to feed the roos but be careful cos that’s $2 down the roo belly in just a second!

I freaked out when this roo grabbed my cone. Oh well.

Featherdale Zoo

Yes, I was scared as but I still think that koalas are very cute.


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