One Tea Lounge & Grill @ York Street, Sydney 

If there’s one thing One Tea Lounge is good at, that’s PR, apart from excellent ramen burger of course and matcha chocolate.

As you’ve probably picked up, I spend a lot of time on social media and that means a lot of time seeing and reading about One Tea Lounge everywhere. 

I used to not like green tea/matcha until I’ve tried the Green Tea Kitkat my friend gave me fresh from her trip to Japan. Since then, I would buy them from our local Asian grocer and grabbed enough packets for a teenage soccer team when we went to Japan ourselves (blog to follow).

I’ve known about this place even before I started going to Xtend Barre (a barre studio just above the restaurant) but didn’t realise that the  little cafe downstairs is in fact One Tea lounge, mind you it’s far from tiny once you go in.

The cool thing about One Tea Lounge is they infused green tea in more ways than one – burger, latte, chocolate, ice cream burger, etc.

There’s a bar, with some excellent choices of cocktails, all in theme of course.

I ordered a slider – wagyu beef ramen burger, braised pork rib rice burger, and teriyaki chicken matcha baoger. I’d rate the ramen burger amongst the three even if it was a bit oily (but it has to be, right?).

I also got some matcha fries with green tea salt and seaweed. I love my seaweed! This was just your regular fries but cooked nicely and the dipping sauce (curry sauce maybe? I can’t be too sure) is a nice touch to it.

This to me was the biggest surprise, the matcha chocolate. It is served in a bowl the size of your regular soup bowl. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it to begin with but hey it’s a drink, so maybe just drink it straight from the bowl and so I did… then wow! I would definitely go back for this and to try the famous ice cream matcha baogers for dessert.

The owner David is also very hands-on. He talks to almost everyone in there and shares stories behind the dishes. He also served me at the check out so I was lucky enough to ask for a photo.

I am indeed in gym clothes as I just came from a barre class (not from Xtend but from The Barre Studio at the Dymocks Bldg) so yea it is casual, come in any clothes you wish just not naked or perhaps half naked?

One Tea Lounge is only 7 weeks old and is already getting more famous by the minute so make sure you make a booking. Although I didn’t but I was by myself on a Wednesday night and was more than happy so sit on a wall/stool area.


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