From Stanhope Gardens to Bondi

circa 2010.

My first Bondi Beach trip ever. When I first moved to Sydney, I stayed with my brother at Stanhope Gardens. It was a very new suburb at the time, now, there’s few new suburbs popping up around it.

Bondi Beach

Bondi is roughly 50 minutes drive from Stanhope Gardens, there’s a lot of Filipinos in the area and the surrounding suburbs.


If you’re coming from the Sydney CBD, Bondi Beach is only a 20-min drive and highly accessible by public transport or the Hop-on Hop-off Tour Bus.


It was the beginning of winter when we visited Bondi. It was raining so there’s no one swimming but there were a handful of surfers. The uglier the weather, the stronger/higher the waves.

In summer, this place could get packed until there’s no room for one more body to lie down and enjoy the beach.

I’ve been living in Sydney for over 5 years yet I’ve never tried to swim in Bondi. I like looking at it, walking by the beach when it’s empty, and have some fish & chips.


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