Lotus Restaurant and Dumpling Bar @ The Galeries

If you know me personally, then you know that I love to eat. I take advantage of birthdays and suggest restaurants that are on my “to try” list. This time, I suggested Lotus’ new branch at The Galeries. Dumplings are always a favourite and it’s right above Town Hall station, perfect for a quick Tuesday night dinner.

Lotus, featuring chef Chris Yan’s work, is located at the first level of The Galeries along George St. Coming from Town Hall station, use the QVB exit then walk straight to The Galeries up the escalator from the Lower Ground floor then straight up to the next escalator which leads you right in front of Lotus.


Say happy birthday to the hot momma on the upper left corner. We ordered a fair bit for four tiny girls.

  • Crispy skin duck pancakes – yum!
  • Steamed fish fillet with ginger and shallot – the middle part wasn’t cooked but they gave us another one free of charge. It was divine regardless.
  • Deep fried tofu – I love my tofu
  • Wok-fried beef fillet with black pepper and barilla – I normally don’t like pepper but this one was just right
  • Wok-fried wallaby rump with sweet bean paste and salt bush – compliments of the chef, such a nice touch to our evening
  • Wok-fried green beans with minced pork and garlic – it’s always good to add some vegetables, we try.
  • Pork and mud crab xia long bao
  • Pork xia long bao – I still prefer Din Tai Fung’s xia long bao but that’s me
  • Steamed rice for everyone
  • Jasmine tea creme caramel with a birthday candle 🙂




The green beans, deep fried tofu, and wallaby rump.


Pork and mud crab xia long bao


Would I go back? Definitely yes!

On a sad note, my friend lost her shopping bag at their toilet (which was beautiful by the way). We called as soon as we realised she left it behind but they couldn’t find it anywhere in the restaurant.


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