From Sydney to Terrigal

It’s not even 8 o’clock in the morning on a Sunday and I’m sitting here at our hotel balcony overlooking the beach and the hotel pool writing this blog in a robe, because it’s winter.

Why? Because hearing the strong waves is really inspiring and there’s breakfast buffet shortly.

So, Wade and I are on a quick weekend getaway for our 5th anniversary. We’ve been together for a fairly long time but it really still feels like yesterday. Our relationship isn’t perfect but I’m glad we feel this way. I can’t wait for our 6th!

We (well more like I drew up the options and we both agreed on where to go) picked Terrigal for our 5th anniversary. Since last year, we’ve chosen to celebrate our anniversary travelling instead of giving lavish gifts to each other… not that I do… it was more of a ploy since I can’t afford ’em!

So why Terrigal in winter? One, it’s only an hour away from Sydney. Two, we’ve never been here but we’ve been to Gosford, Brooklyn, and Port Stephens. Three, it’s too cold to go anywhere else.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza, apparently it’s the only place to stay in here. Trivago says otherwise. It is probably the nicest in the area at a reasonable price. I’m quite addicted to loyalty programs and I got some Qantas points for choosing Crowne, so here we are.

hot chocolate

Our first stop was Waterfall Cafe at the Mt. Penang Gardens in Kariong on the way to Terrigal. I actually chose not to go to this place whilst I was planning our itinerary but Wade was starving cos he woke up late and didn’t have time to eat breakfast. Off we went and had something light to eat. Not the best but it was the only cafe in the gardens.

Mt Penang Gardens

Mt Penang Gardens

Mount Penang Gardens

Mount Penang Gardens





Wade avoiding the thorns whilst falling off







Next stop was Erina Fair, the largest shopping centre in Central Coast. It was huge and spread out. We had to buy a few things for Wade , had lunch then bought a set of coasters that perfectly match our living room, thanks Best & Less. Crowne Plaza isn’t too far from Erina Fair. We checked in, roamed around the room, balcony, toilet, checked for spare pillows – as you do! It was exactly what I expected it to be, not too modern, renovated, not a 5 star, not a 2 star. It was good, plus the lovely singing voice of the cafe singer downstairs together with the waves are the perfect background music for relaxing.

Crowne Plaza

View from our balcony.


Tempting but it was too cold, at least for a tropical baby like me.


Since it’s our anniversary, I wanted to try to try something for the first time, together. We checked out the sauna at level 2 and the outdoor pool – no good! The water is too cold at the pool and there were way too many people at the sauna. We then enquired at Endota Spa at the same level. They don’t do couple packages but they can put us in a joined room. Wade had a Relaxation Massage and I had the Moisturise Body Treatment since I don’t do massages. It was both our first times and I wish I didn’t because now I want to keep doing it! Maybe on our next trip 🙂






Strolling outside our hotel. Beautiful.


We also walked up the famous Skillion where there’s abundance of dogs. I also met Amber, a really cute black 4 month old mini pinscher, just like my beloved Onyok and Dodjee – may they rest in peace.





Overall, Terrigal was beautiful and the people were very polite and friendly. Definitely nothing like the city!


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