From Manila to Cebu

Cebu has got to be one of the most beautiful places you can go to in the Philippines. This was my first trip to Cebu and it definitely did not disappoint. There’s still so much to explore that’s why I went back the second time around in 2013 but again, I have yet to explore all the beauty that Cebu has got to offer.


Our first stop was Magellan’s Cross, a Catholic cross planted in the city of Cebu ordered by Ferdinand Magellan to signify the propagation of Catholicism in Cebu. As many of you might know, Philippines is a very religious country – Catholicism is the largest and most influential religion in the country. It’s practiced by around 80% (my guess) of the population. I am not a Catholic but it was very interesting to see the cross and the Church nearby – such rich history!



I neither practice this religion but the view up at the Philippine Taoist Temple was breathtaking. You get a scenic view plus vibrant colours of green and red around the temple.




I am literally, scared of heights! I don’t do roller coasters, bungee jumping, and sky diving. None of this sh*t! I know it would be amazing but I just can’t do it and I won’t do it. However, I can do things like this. The Sky Walk Extreme. They now offer a myriad of rides, when I went in 2009, it was only the Sky Walk and the Edge Coaster. I paid for both rides but the Edge Coaster was too scary for me and I chickened out. As seen below, you control the ride, you can keep it straight or tilt it as they did in the photo. No, thank you!

Edge Coaster

Photo courtesy of Our Awesome Planet



Now, off to the better side of Cebu where in I don’t have to worry about heights.




My friends and I stayed at the Bluewater Maribago Resort. It was a lovely resort, a bit far from the CBD but you don’t have to leave anyway. The food was great (themed buffet dinners), the staff were very friendly, there were a number of swimming pools, a man-made island, and there are baby sharks in the middle of the resort too.


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