From Manila to Davao

circa 2009.

Davao is one of the major cities south of the Philippines. It’s known the be the most disciplined city in the country due to strict leadership. That’s what you need sometimes.

Now this place has the best chicken in town. I know the sign is a bit dodgy but trust me, it was amazing! Actually, don’t take my word for it and try it for yourself.


Davao was all about the food.


The smallest barbecue on a stick I’ve ever seen/had.


We were taken care of by our Davaoeno friends. They were the most hospitable people. They fed us, sheltered us, drove us around, bought us food to bring back home, showed us around, and I don’t remember them letting us pay for anything?

Speaking of showing us around. One of them brought us to their “farm” or something of that sort where in the boys shot some guns and the girls well, covered their ears and played with this cute puppy.





In case you haven’t noticed yet, I love going to the beach! I don’t necessarily swim because I’m scared but I just love the pristine clear waters. 4769_108341290512_7225443_n



We stayed at Costa Marina Beach Resort in Samal and stayed at the ‘Villa Rosario’ villa, very spacious considering there were about 15 of us.



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