Seaside Macapagal, Manila

If there’s one food I would eat everyday, it would be seafood… but I can’t because of three things.

– I’m allergic to it. Not the “I would die if I eat seafood” kind but I get really itchy then my skin swells up like crazy (at least where I scratched). Although, lately that hasn’t been the case. Maybe I’m immune now? Maybe I should go see a GP.

– it’s expensive! In addition to everything is expensive in Australia.

– the boyfriend doesn’t eat seafood. By choice! Can you believe that?

So, my HS core group decided to have some fresh seafood dinner at Seaside in Macapagal. It’s a stone throw away from Mall of Asia.

The steps are easy. You go to the “wet market” side to pick your seafood then you take them to the restaurants on the other side then they’ll cook it for you however you want it cooked. There’s also the easy option of going straight to the restaurant and order off their menu but that takes away the fun and novelty of it.

I must warn you though, the wet market is not designed for Gucci shoes… lucky I don’t own any.


I honestly don’t know how to pick seafood so I left my friends to it.


Baked mussels with cheese and bacon bits. Always a favourite.


Prawns and crabs. Yum!



A dinner with a Filipino crew won’t be complete without karaoke.


and posing for the camera… inside the karaoke room.


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