From Manila to Ho Chi Minh

circa 2008.

It’s been almost 7 years since I visited Vietnam. I am currently planning our Vietnam trip which might need to be postponed actually.

I have to shamelessly admit that this trip was a bit of a waste as I didn’t immerse myself into the Vietnamese culture. I didn’t do the Mekong river tour, I chose to eat KFC delivery, and I quite literally spent all my money on shoes.

Vietnam is a known manufacturer for various global high street brands like Zara. They also have a street dedicated to shoes. If I am not mistaken, Ly Chin Thang Street, a street full of shoes. It’s random sizes – factory defect, overruns, etc. Lucky, I was able to grab a few. None of which I still own to this day but it had its good days.

Ho Chi Minh

If you’ve been to Vietnam, you know what its like praying for dear life against motorbikes.

Ho Chi Minh

It was rather sad seeing puppies being sold on the streets in a cage as big as a helmet.

Ho Chi Minh

Independence Palace otherwise known as Reunification Palace. If it’s your first time, go check it out. At least you’ve ticked it off. Very interesting history too.


War Remnants Museum. Another popular tourist destination. If you’re a history nut, you’ll love this place.


Notre Dame Cathedral, established by the French.We spotted a wedding whilst we were there too!


Some street food I didn’t get to try. Take me back!!! I will this time.


What do you do when it starts raining? Walk in a shop and take photos… discreetly.


Hotel room parties. We had 2 floors all to ourselves!


Then party properly the next night at Q Bar and Bounce Club.


The shopping bonanza begins… You know what I realised. I always complain that I do not get to travel as much as I want to because it’s too expensive but what makes it really expensive is the shopping. So if I could discipline myself not to buy anything, I’ll be just fine. Now, let’s see how we go with that.


I don’t think my friends trust my navigating skills.


The damage.


Post shopping. Pardon my yellow tights.


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