From Manila to Rizal

circa 2008.Pool

Rizal is only an hour and a half drive from the Philippines’ capital, Manila. To be honest, as a local, I only saw it as another suburb not really a tourist destination. I wasn’t entirely correct, although this blog post won’t probably convince you to stay a night in Rizal anyway.

This trip wasn’t for leisure, it was an immersion back when I was still in university. I actually feel bad that I don’t really remember much of it – the purpose, who we visited, where we stayed, where we ate. I guess I just showed up.

Rizal immersion trip

I managed to pose with one of the homes we visited


This was me after a nice shower. Please don’t tell me it’s bad to wrap my wet hair in towel. This was taken at the balcony of our room, look at that view of the valley.  Imagine the photo in landscape minus me, perfect ambiance for a warm coffee or tea.

Rizal resort swing

If you Google ‘Rizal Resorts’ you’ll find heaps of options to choose from. The resort we stayed at was enormous but I wouldn’t recommend it, lucky I couldn’t remember the name.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 12.43.36 pm


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