From Manila to Pattaya

circa 2008.

Pattaya is a fishing village 2 hour drive away from Bangkok. During my visit to Thailand back in 2008, we went to Pattaya to do parasailing, check out the ocean, and have some lunch.


I think this means no dipping in the water?


Parasailing here we go! I got into a bit of a heated argument with the staff, they didn’t get my humour and my delaying tactics. Guess they want us in and out of there. So in short, I wasn’t happy!


Not a fan of beaches that look like this (a market!) but once we got in the water, it was all good and fun.


Water is pretty clean considering how crowded it was, clear waters = my weakness!


Girls and bathroom mirrors.

10399293_31948776896_4206_nNot sure if I was hungry or dizzy? Oh and check out my ‘bayong’. A bayong is a bag made out of woven strips from the Philippines mainly used for wet & dry markets shopping. Of course my one is a fashion statement.


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