From Manila to Boracay

circa 2008.

I think it’s only fitting that my first post for my “travel/lifestyle” blog would be my first trip to Boracay. This was also my first time to ride a plane. Yes! It was with the now defunct, at least I thought they were but guess I was wrong, Seair. I will try my best to narrate the string of events but unfortunately, I could only dig up one photo – it was Multiply where everyone posted about everything. I’m sure it’s in one of my CDs back in Manila, yes, a CD. 🙂

Boracay is so beautiful, I had to come back the same year but sadly I haven’t been back since. The sand was like baby powder and it never got hot, so walk barefoot as long as you can. The food choices then were already ridiculously good, even more so now. If there’s one thing you have to try in Boracay, it’s gotta be Jonah’s Fruitshake. I’ve tried a fair bit of fruit shakes in my lifetime but theirs is still the best!

I actually do not remember the name of the hotel we stayed in. It wasn’t our first choice as the resort that we booked at was just horrendous! (my fault). We prefer beach front and we found one at Station 2 at a very reasonable price. I seriously couldn’t believe how lucky we were finding a room that was just vacated. My gut feel tells me it no longer exists, probably been bought by larger hotel chains but I guess I’ll find out when I go back… as I really want to.


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